We wish, first of all, to wish you the WELCOME as well as a very pleasant visit. Here, then, a small description of our club … Aristo Cat’s Club Be (ACCB for short) is a non-profit association whose purpose is the promotion, protection, selection and defense of breed and house cats. Our feline club builds and keeps a regulated origins book according to strict rules, delivers pedigrees, issues diplomas, advises breeders and private individuals, collaborates in all information activities and / or training related to purebred cats. Very soon, we will organize events (feline exhibitions, feline shows, (re) presentations of feline breeds). In addition, we will support all similar activities. The association proposes not only to carry out all the administrative tasks resulting from its goals, but, above all, to be present on the “field” by providing the necessary assistance to the breeders and the private individuals. With their many years of experience in breeding, cat shows, event organizations, our directors will make a point of guiding you in the vast feline world. We remind you that we remain at your disposal for all types of information.

Do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our “The Club” page. Thank you for your visit.